Moving Again?

It’s that time again when my husband and I move to a new country! The first country we moved to was Morocco, two years ago. It was my first time traveling outside of the United States, let alone move anywhere of great distance. I think my move to Morocco, as well as all the other things I experienced in that country, truly prepared me for my future as a professional mover, nomad, & expat!

“professional mover, nomad, & expat!”

Selfie of Jasmine in Washington D.C. wearing a burgundy shirt and hoodie with an olive jacket layered on top
All smiles on a beautiful day in the nation’s capital!

An Insight into the Process

Days before we packed our bags to move from our D.C. apartment, I gathered all of our belongs in the living room. I have come to a realization when it comes to packing (or at least organizing things to be packed), you must do the preliminary sorting before movers come so that your stuff is organized and delivered in a manner that would make sense once unpacked in your new location. So, I did just that. I gathered all of my essential items in one corner of the living room and the rest of our belongings in a different pile that would be noted for secondary shipping.

Because we didn’t have much stuff in our D.C. apartment, sorting only took me about two hours. When we have all of our belongings with us in the same home, as we did in Morocco, the pack out process can take up to one full day for two people. So, to say this packing process was a breeze this time around is no exaggeration.

“So, to say this packing process was a breeze this time around is no exaggeration.”

One Last Time in the City

After packing, we went for a walk through the city. It was such a nice day and the weather was perfect. We were out running errands because we had to pick up last minute items and documentation before we left America. We actually got really lost walking around D.C. but it was perfect. Knowing this would be the last time for us to enjoy D.C. in this manner for a few years was reason enough for me to take my time and savor the last moments I would have in this beloved city. After finally finding our destination and completing our tasks, we stopped at the food truck line near the metro station and got lunch. My Mexican food was exactly what I needed as my last good meal in the States. I was very pleased!

Last Day in D.C.

My very last day in the States was bittersweet. I was sad to be leaving a city I have now fallen in love with, my family, and our nice D.C. apartment. But, I knew it was time to begin our journey so I did not put up much of a fight. I was actually really happy about the possibilities that would be uncovered once we moved.

My husband and I had great experiences in the States. Spending a lot of time with family, eating all the food we wanted (healthy and unhealthy), and taking amazing trips for work and vacation, and we learned about ourselves and each other during the whole process of being home.

I have so much to be thankful for and I cannot wait to share more about our move in the coming weeks!

Tell me, where do you think I’m to moving next?