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I am Jasmine, the visionary founder and creative director of The Jazzy Nation. My passion for travel has led me to traverse new lands alongside my loved ones, from the vibrant spice markets of India to the mystical alleyways of Morocco and the verdant landscapes of Ecuador.

My mission is to ignite the passion for adventure in my audience, encouraging them to embrace the unknown and explore the world’s beauty near and far.

Though my heart roams the world, I always return to the embrace of my country and home state of Colorado, seeking the warmth of loved ones and savoring the flavors, diversity, and creativity the United States offers.

Join me on my journey of traveling and living abroad here.


Hey there! I’m Jasmine, the voice, face, and founder behind The Jazzy Nation, where we embark on inspiring you to create intentional moments through motherhood, travel, life abroad, and more on YouTube! With almost seven years as an expat and traveler, I’ve lived and grown in Morocco, India, and Ecuador with my husband and now a toddler. My mission? It’s not just about showcasing my life through the places my family and I travel to. It’s about empowering YOU to craft a fulfilling life of joy, peace, freedom, and adventure for you and your family. I post new videos every week!


  • I love traveling with family! In this video, my husband, baby, and I did a tour of the Historic Quito city center. We visited the Basílica del Voto Nacional, did a fruit tasting, and so much more! The real beauty of this video is the story woven through each experience as you witness the strength and tenacity of Ecuador and its people, particularly after a period of hardship, violence, and political unrest.
  • I’ve participated in projects that showcase my life as a traveler and expat living and working abroad. These projects were produced for the State Department’s Facebook audiences.
  • I was gifted a food tour with Foods of NY in exchange for promotional media for their brand. Click to watch my NYC Food Tour: Greenwich Village, Manhattan.
  • Featured on @tastemade & @blavity‘s vertical, Sauce, linked here
  • I wrote a travel guide titled 3 Affordable Days In New York City. It includes a full itinerary, pinned map, photos, videos, and more! Check out the guide here.


High-resolution photos are always taken to expand the value of an experience or destination! Click each image for the best quality.