Here’s the most important thing you need to know: We’re more than just a lifestyle brand. We offer a unique blend of life abroad, travel, and culinary experiences for you and your family.

Since 2017

The Jazzy Nation, in its current inception, was started in 2017 and has been growing and evolving to suit the needs of community members and the different life stages they are going through. The Jazzy Nation aims to help support those needing community and resources while also providing a haven for those living abroad searching for inspiration.

Expert Knowledge

Jasmine is an experienced educator, curriculum writer, and digital content creator with years of expertise supporting expats and diverse communities worldwide. The Jazzy Nation Team is also experienced in various skills and industries, and we are excited to help you along your journey.

Global Assistance

Our comprehensive services are designed to support and guide individuals worldwide, addressing various everyday life events you may encounter, regardless of your location.

“Inspiring You to Craft Authentic Memories, Connect Cultures, and Embrace Motherhood Abroad with Every Family Adventure!”

The Jazzy Nation

The Jazzy Nation is more than just a lifestyle brand. We offer a unique blend of life abroad, travel, and culinary experiences for you and your family. And we also have an exclusive community tailored for mothers who identify as expats or digital nomads. By providing a haven, both online and in person, we aim to foster connections and community. 

“Empowering You on Your Living Abroad Journey, Crafting Authentic Memories, Connecting Cultures, and Embracing Life anywhere in the world” is not just a tagline; it’s a commitment to support you through your unique experiences.

Committed to authenticity and transparency, The Jazzy Nation transcends the boundaries of ordinary travel and lifestyle brands. It is a dynamic space for exploration, celebration of family, motherhood, exchanging ideas, and crafting an intentional life anywhere in the world. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we embrace the beauty of diverse experiences and actively create a space in The Jazzy Nation where everyone, can feel at home.

About The Founder

Hey there! I’m Jasmine, the voice, face, and founder behind The Jazzy Nation, where we embark on inspiring mothers to create intentional moments through motherhood, travel, life abroad, and more! 

With almost seven years as an expat and traveler, I’ve lived and grown in Morocco, India, and Ecuador with my husband and now a toddler.

My mission? It’s not just about showcasing my life through the places my family and I travel to and live in. It’s about empowering YOU to craft a fulfilling life full of joy, peace, freedom, and adventure for you and your family. 

My story began with a twist – a whirlwind marriage to Gozie, my best friend and dream seeker who joined the Foreign Service. And our worldwide adventures quickly started right after our wedding.

We moved to Morocco, and I began teaching English, which was a blessing and helped me navigate challenges, especially when I was homesick and dealing with culture shocks.

Pivoting The Jazzy Nation from a beauty and lifestyle brand also allowed me to connect with people online differently. It was a way to share what I was going through and connect with other people experiencing similar circumstances. Plus, sharing my travels, new food experiences, and more helped me learn to love living abroad.

Fast forward to now, Gozie and I are parents to our one-year-old. We’re on a mission to show him the world and open doors of opportunity to him as he grows. 

Before becoming a mom, many people told me that my adventures may end. That I would not be able to manage travel or life abroad without family nearby. And in the early days, that’s what I believed, and I struggled. 

But I am here to tell you that I have overcome and continue to work through the challenges of living abroad, traveling, and navigating life as a mother, and I am so proud of myself! 

With intentionality, planning, and self-care, I can conquer many things related to motherhood while living and traveling abroad. And I want to empower you to feel the same! 

We’re now soaking up the beauty of Ecuador, our current adoptive home. And between Quito and Denver, our hometown, it’s nice to have two places that truly feel like home, which is vital for mothers to have, especially when we need places of refuge to feel safe and secure. 

The Jazzy Nation is more than a travel and lifestyle brand. We’re also a space for exploration, celebration of motherhood, community, and exchanging ideas about living life better and more intentionally.

As we grow The Jazzy Nation, we dream big – envisioning to enrich lives and communities of mothers worldwide through stories, authenticity, and transparency.