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I'm Jasmine, the wanderlust-driven founder of The Jazzy Nation.

I've lived in Morocco, India, and Ecuador, soaking in the beauty of diverse cultures and exploring amazing destinations worldwide. With over 6 years as an expat and traveler, I've made it my mission to share the highs and challenges of this journey through articles and videos.

As the heart behind The Jazzy Nation, I'm not just about showcasing places; I'm here to equip you with the tools to make your own international adventure a reality.

My social platforms have connected with over 1,000,000 viewers, and I'm thrilled to have you join me as I navigate the globe.

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Finding Jobs, Internships, and Volunteer Opportunities Abroad_Expat Life Guide Vol. 1_www.thejazzynation.com_Jasmine Okocha

One of the topics I get asked about the most relates to employment abroad. Working abroad is something I am very familiar with. I have found successful employment in each country I’ve lived in, and some opportunities were more accessible than others. Finding opportunities in another country may come with challenges, but I am here to tell you that you can overcome those challenges with knowledge, confidence, and a plan.

In this new ebook, I outline how you can find professional opportunities to help you sustain a happy and fulfilling life abroad. Chapters include The Journey to Working Abroad, Effective Networking for Expats, Strategies Before Arrival, and more! I’ve also included a nine-page section on employment ideas, in-person and country-specific professional opportunities, and remote work options.

From a job portal chart to personal experiences and insights, this 41-page ebook will be your go-to guide to securing meaningful employment opportunities that support the life you want to live in your future adoptive country.

I hope you enjoy this ebook! I truly enjoyed writing it. I hope this resource brings you value and insight as you pursue your future life abroad.


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