Living in Morocco (A Typical Day In The Life)

Living in Morocco (A Typical Day In The Life)


Hey there, fellow adventurers! I’m Jasmine, and I want to take you on a journey through my two unforgettable years as an expat living in Morocco. In 2016, I took the leap and moved abroad, and little did I know that this experience would help me discover not only a new country and city but also a deeper understanding of myself.

Embracing the Expat Life Living in Morocco

Living as an expat is a unique and transformative experience. It challenges you to adapt, learn, and grow in ways you never imagined. During my time in Morocco, I embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. I learned not only about the vibrant Moroccan culture but also about my own identity and the role I played in this new world.

Collaboration with Shanay Braxton

Before we dive into my daily life as an expat, I want to share some exciting news. I’m thrilled to collaborate with Shanay Braxton, who will provide insights into life in Morocco for volunteers, especially Peace Corps volunteers. Be sure not to miss her video after reading this post, as it promises to offer a unique perspective.

A Typical Day in Casablanca

Let’s get started! I’ll walk you through a typical day in my life as an expat in Morocco.

Work Life
I began my day at 8:00 AM, heading to a local library/school center near my home to teach. Casablanca’s simple and efficient commuting system, relying on taxis and walking, made my daily commute a breeze. Despite the city’s fast pace, life felt a bit slower than in the States.

My job involved teaching English to adults, helping them advance their careers, and securing promotions within their organization. I cherished the purpose of my work, which brings me to a crucial point: having a clear purpose or job when living abroad is essential. While we might initially believe that merely living in a new country is enough, our perspectives often evolve, highlighting the need for a fulfilling purpose.

Living in Morocco

Creative Outlets and Coping with Culture Shock
After work, I would dive into my creative pursuits, such as blogging and vlogging. I shared my Moroccan experiences with you, my amazing audience. Vlogging also became a therapeutic way to cope with culture shock and personal challenges, including moments of depression.

Balancing Act
My days were a whirlwind of filming, editing, exploring the city, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and managing household tasks.

Living in Casablanca meant frequent cleaning due to dust accumulation and pollution, part of life on a bustling street. But it was all worth it for a clean home and the promise of adventure after completing my tasks.

Living in Morocco

Evenings and Weekends
Around 4 PM, my husband would return home, and we’d enjoy quality time together. Whether it was watching TV, playing video games, or attending events, we cherished the balanced lifestyle Casablanca offered. The city provided numerous opportunities to socialize, and we often attended events and enjoyed the vibrant Moroccan culture.

Weekend Adventures
Weekdays were more work-focused, but weekends were a different story. We’d often catch a movie or explore the city. Sometimes, we’d even break the routine and see a mid-week film, thanks to the fantastic movie theater at the mall.

Exploring Morocco was an adventure in itself. We’d take the train to different cities like Marrakech and Fez, and the journey itself was filled with excitement and fun, from taxis to trains.

Living in Morocco

Language and Communication
One aspect I loved about living in Morocco was the fluidity of language. While my French skills were more on the beginner side, I could still get by. Many Moroccans we met were eager to converse in English, even though my husband and I had put effort into learning French. It was an interesting linguistic experience.

Black women taking a selfie in Morocco

Practical Advice for Expats

Remember, my expat journey is just one story. To gain a broader perspective, check out Shanay’s video on her experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco. Her journey was distinct from mine, but there are intriguing parallels that make for captivating viewing.

So, are you considering life as an expat or thinking about volunteering? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear about your plans!

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