Join me for a day in my life living in Ecuador as a black American expat! Today was a super busy day. I reviewed my Spanish project for my tutoring session, met up with a new friend, and cleaned my apartment. Honestly, I did a lot today, but I will not spoil the video. Instead, I will let you watch to see what else I got into!

↳ 0:00 Start Here
↳ 0:14 Skip the intro
↳ 0:59 Working on Spanish
↳ 3:02 Prepping meet a new friend
↳ 3:20 Walking to my destination
↳ 4:38 Recap of meeting my new friend + haul
↳ 6:01 Clean with me
↳ 8:10 Decorate with me for xmas
↳ 9:10 Winding down for the night

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