Rabat, Morocco was such an adventure! Chigozie and I decided to take the train to the city on a whim because we had the day off. It was my first time riding on a train and what a first time it was.

We arrived at the train station and ordered our first class tickets and headed off! First class in Morocco is actually really nice. A first-class train ticket cost about the same price you would pay in the states for a regular ticket so it was a nice treat to have the upgraded accommodation.

When we arrived, Rabat was so clear! The air was clean and the streets glistened. Some say this is because the King’s residence is here so people really make an effort to keep the city in tip-top shape. We walked around, I took pictures, and then we stumble upon a really nice museum.

We decided to go in and check out the Modern Women in Art exhibit and it was really lovely. Plus, the exhibit was only $4 per person. We both had a really great time and it was nice to see a cultural element from Morocco that we had not yet seen before.

After the museum, we took the train back home. The trip was very pleasant and I can’t wait to go on another adventure. We may even go back to Rabat soon because I feel as though there is still so much to see!

Have you ever visited Rabat? Do you have any recommendations for places we should visit next time we go?

Check out the VLOG of our trip if you want a real-life perspective of the day.