Greetings, friends! Today I’m sharing my eight-morning rituals with you. The new year is approaching and if you don’t already have morning rituals set, this post should inspire you to create some for yourself!


The first thing I like to do in the morning is to grab my notebook and write my morning pages. I write at least three pages in my notebook on a more productive day. I really like taking time first thing in the morning to relax and center my thoughts before starting any other tasks for the day.


After my morning pages, I try to get out of the bed as fast as possible because if I linger too long, I am more likely to get on my phone and scroll on social media which can take up a lot of time and mental brain space. Once I hop out of bed, I grab clothes and get dressed for the gym. Working out first thing in the morning helps me keep a consistent workout routine. I’m less likely to miss a session if I schedule it in the morning.


Next, I take a quick minute to make my bed. Making my bed puts me in a good mood. It also helps me set good intentions for the rest of my day. A made bed is the first step to a productive and organized day. You are also less likely to get back into bed if you make it right when you get up.


Hygiene is pretty self-explanatory. I make sure to brush my teeth and quickly do something to my hair so I can confidently move throughout the first part of my day, especially if I plan to go to the gym where there are other people present. I am probably the laziest person when it comes to preparing for my workouts. Making this small hygiene ritual apart of my morning is good because it aids in productivity. Also, getting dressed in real workout clothes helps too beause I am less likely to feel frumpy and unmotivated if I dress properly to workout.


At the gym, I like to start off with cardio. I usually warm myself up first by doing light work on a machine and then I will increase the intensity once I feel ready. My cardio sessions usually last for about 30 minutes. While I do cardio, I like to listen to podcasts so that I am passively learning while I workout. That’s usually on a more productive day, however. Once I complete my cardio session, I do strength training. For me, it’s best to go into my workout knowing what I want to work on first because if I don’t have a plan, I can walk aimlessly around the gym with no direction or just leave (as I did in my Realistic Morning Routine video).


When I work from home, I tend to get distracted easily. So to prevent distraction, I take at least ten minutes to clean up my apartment. Doing this gives me a similar feeling to making my bed. My mind becomes less cluttered, I am not focusing on other things, and I have a clean slate to work from. For example, if I need to film later in the day and the apartment is already clean, I have less work to do.


I am one of those people who needs to eat breakfast to function throughout the day. I do not always take time to make breakfast because it can be time-consuming but I try my best to put wholesome nutrients into my body especially after a workout. In my Realistic Morning Routine video, I show you how I make eggs the cheaters way! I then proceeded to create some easy egg tacos with a side of fruit! Super easy and fuss-free.


After eating, I get ready for the rest of my day by showering, grooming, and sometimes putting on a little makeup. Getting ready for my day, even if I am working from home, is important to me because I still need to feel put together. I need to take myself seriously and being prepared physically does just that. If I were to stay in my pajamas all day, I would personally feel less productive and eventually have to get dressed later in the day. Now, I am not saying this doesn’t happen occasionally but for me, I do not feel as accomplished if I am not put together. Because I can be lazy when it comes to taking care of my self, I talk to my mom while I get dressed and put on makeup. She helps make the process go by faster and it’s a lot more fun!

So that’s it! My eight-morning rituals. Things may change from season to season but these eight things are pretty consistent whether I wake up early and complete them in a more timely manner or take my time and linger throughout the morning. I love morning routines, schedules, and organization so let me know if you like more post centered around these topics!


What is one thing you must do in the morning to set yourself up for a great day?

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