5 Best Date Night Restaurants in Washington DC
5 Best Date Night Restaurants in Washington DC

I have lived in and visited the Washington DC area off and on for about 4 years now. A fun habit my husband and I started when we first moved to the area (right before heading to Morocco) was to try a new restaurant or visit one of our favorite spots every Friday as a way to spend time together, explore the surrounding areas, and try new foods.

In today’s post, I am sharing the list my husband and I created of some of our favorite date night spots in the DC area.

Before we begin, here is a bonus restaurant I just posted a video review about!

Compass Rose

Ted’s Bulletin

This restaurant is a favorite because it reminds me of home, especially after living abroad for a period of time. I feel like every time I touch down in the Washington DC area, I immediately crave a Ruben sandwich, and my husband dreams of the chicken piccata dish from Ted’s Bulletin. Turning our dreams into reality is always on the agenda! So, we try to visit this eatery as many times as we can before we move abroad again.

The good news is that Ted’s Bulletin has locations throughout the Washington DC and Virginia areas. We recently visited the restaurant in Ballston for a date night/post-vaccination treat and I was so happy with the food and service!


When we first visited Nando’s Peri-Peri about 4 years ago, it was really unique to us! It wasn’t until we started traveling that we saw these chains in other countries, which is good news for us because we love this restaurant! Nando’s has some of the best-grilled chicken inspired by the flavors of South Africa.

The memory I have of this date night was a little chaotic. We did not know how to order and the restaurant we went to had two-story floors so we kept going up and down the stairs to ask questions, order our food, and get sauces. This may sound like a nightmare to some but the experience made us laugh so hard that we had trouble eating our food at first. Once we were ready, we started eating our flame-grilled chicken dishes and fell in love! The food was so good and worth all of the mishaps.

Nando's Peri-Peri
Nando’s Peri-Peri


Looking for a juicy burger that is a bit more elevated than fast food? Check out Good Stuff Eatery in Washington DC (and the many surrounding areas). Gozie and I first checked out this restaurant by accident one day about 5 years ago. We were walking George Town streets looking for something to eat. Being the adventurous souls we are, we said we would stop at the next restaurant and Good Stuff Eatery was it!

We got into the restaurant and honestly, the menu was a little out there. The burgers had such unique names that made us really interested. The Prez Obama Burger caught both of our eyes because it had bacon, a sweet onion chutney, and cheese. All a good combination in my book! Fast forward to today, Good Stuff Eatery is our favorite burger place of all time! When we are craving a burger that is both tangy and a bit sweet, we will gravitate to the Prez Obama Burger. However, we now try to spice up our burgers by ordering new menu items. So far everything we’ve tried has been a hit!

Lebanese Taverna

If you know me, you know I love Lebanese food! Gozie and I were introduced to Lebanese Taverna by a friend and were immediately hooked on the food and vibes! The hummus and falafel were to die for and there was no shortage of pita bread.

Lebanese Taverna is centrally located in the Pentagon City area right near the mall. For us, it’s a great place to get food and then walk around the outdoor area. Mediterranean food is one of my favorite cuisines so it’s nice to have a place like this open for date nights!

Lebanese Taverna
Lebanese Taverna

Silver Diner

Technically, this restaurant would be classified more for a day date vs a date night for us, but it’s a must! When we used to visit the Silver Diner, it would often be for brunch after church. The lines were always long but we didn’t mind waiting because the food was so good! It’s definitely our favorite place for an all-American feast! I love their gluten-free coconut-crusted french toast and I highly recommend you try it.

The location my husband and I like to visit is in Arlington, VA but you can check out their other locations here.

Silver Diner French Toast
Silver Diner French Toast

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