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I am back in Colorado, hanging out with my mom and enjoying the perfect day. I love staying active while back home by visiting places like the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. But also, for me, the day would not be complete without doing a bit of grocery shopping, stopping to get my new obsession (boba tea), and cooking for my parents. So today, I will share a bit more about the places I visited in this post so you can add them to your list of things to do in Colorado when you visit!


Red Rocks is a place I used to visit at least once a year as a kid. My childhood best friend would invite me to attend sunrise service on Easter with her and her family at the amphitheater. Near Morrison, Colorado, this open-air amphitheater is a beautiful structure built and formed within the actual rocks.

Many people view Red Rocks as a place to go for events and concerts. Because the giant rocks quite literally form a stage which has allowed the construction on the amphitheater to serve as the perfect, acoustically sound atmosphere for some of the best shows on earth during the summer months.

Suppose you are not the type to go to concerts, no worries! Red Rocks is the perfect place for tourists, fitness enthusiasts, and locals who want to enjoy the park and its panoramic views during the day. My mother and I decided to check out Red Rocks on what I call the perfect day in Colorado. The weather was beautiful, and the company of my mother was nice too! While there, we saw people working out (running the stairs and rows), walking up and down the 380 steps, taking photos, and more. I definitely took the challenge to walk down (and back up) the stairs. I had tons of fun, even though I was pretty winded after my trek. So, if you are visiting Colorado, you must check out Red Rocks this summer. If you can, try to go on a weekday. Traffic will be better, and you will not encounter much of a crowd.


The perfect day would not be complete without stopping to get some delicious food! After our Red Rocks adventure, we met up with my friend Jennifer at Volcano Tea House in Aurora, Colorado. I chose this place from a list Jennifer gave me because I was craving boba tea.

After some time catching up, we put in an order for three boba teas, veggie noodles, and dumplings. My matcha green tea boba was what I expected. It really hit the spot and was so refreshing after a morning of driving and exploring Red Rocks. And of course, after a trip like that, I was famished. The veggie noodles we ordered were delicious. It would be a dish I would go back for if I were in the area again. Overall, Volcano Tea House is a great place to try if you are into boba tea. Pro-tip, adjust the sugar levels of your boba tea to your liking. I went with 50% sweetness, and it was perfect!

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