My First Time Traveling to San Francisco
My First Time Traveling to San Francisco

San Fransisco in 2015

Let’s chat about my first time traveling to San Fransisco! This post was created in July 2015 and as I’ve been going through old posts, I thought I would share it again!

Yesterday I went to San Francisco and got a chance to see the Golden Gate Bridge! 

As I approached the bridge and began to drive over it, I was so amazed! I had never seen a structure so large. It doesn’t take much to wow me :-).

Once I arrived at the visitor and parking area I begin to explore the surroundings near the bridge.

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There were so many tourists at this attraction. The majority of the people I saw were very active! I saw runners and A LOT of bikers and they used the same path as the unsuspecting walkers (like myself!) on the bridge.

My journey onto the 3-mile long bridge started early. Along the way, I got to look into such beautiful blue water that was littered with boats and people taking in the day. The views from this bridge were absolutely breathtaking! Did I mention the wind? It was so windy on the bridge, especially toward the middle. My hair definitely got that blown in the wind look.

I then decided it was customary to take a couple of selfies while on the bridge. There was a lady who saw me taking pictures of myself and offered too snap a photo for me. She was very sweet.

After walking the length of the bridge twice, I drove around San Francisco looking for something good to eat. Being a foreigner in a city sometimes sucks because you aren’t familiar with the local eats. I am lucky that I passed by one of the most talked-about restaurants on the west coast, In and Out. I ordered a Protein Style burger with Animal Style fries. My verdict on the restaurant is a little inconclusive which means I may have to try In and Out again! in the future!

Traveling to San Fransisco for the first time was really fun! I’m glad I got to share it with all of you!

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