5 Tips to Make Your First Solo Travel a Success! (FREE Printable)


Hey friends! In today’s post, we are talking about how to make your first solo trip a success. I hope this post inspires you to travel by yourselves because it can be really great! There is a misconception that traveling solo is dangerous or should not be done because of other people’s fears. Don’t let what other people have to say about your goals deter you from accomplishing them. Life is too short and if you want to travel solo, do so! In the end, I want to educate you about the positive reasons for solo travel and how it can work for you!

In the last two years, a lot of my content has centered around the travels I have done with my husband, Gozie.  However, for those that have been following me for years, you would know that I have traveled a lot by myself for work purposes. Although I love traveling with my husband, I have to admit, solo travel has its own perks and benefits. Besides the benefits, (which I will cover in a future post) there are a lot of things you should know before and during your trip so that you have a great time and stay safe!

Start off by going to a place where you speak the language

If you go to a place where you speak the language, you are more likely to have a better time. This is because you will be comfortable talking and understanding people. I think the hardest part of travel can be people. Worrying about how to communicate with others can be a challenge! You may not always get the most patient person to speak with at a restaurant and if you are really hungry, trying to speak with an impatient waiter is really especially in a different language.

Also, traveling where you speak the language helps your overall experience for your first time alone! You are not only more comfortable, but you can also eat at almost any restaurant, and get around cities because you can read street signs and follow directions well.

Document your journey

Documentation can just be for you! You don’t have to start a blog or be the next travel vlogger (unless you want to). Documenting helps you keep records of best practices, do’s and don’ts, memories, and so much more!

I always have fun looking at old vlog footage of places I have traveled to. It’s great to see how life was during those times, how I felt, and the state I was in. Sometimes, when I am feeling down, I like looking back at those old videos to help motivate and inspire me.

I also love to journal. I feel like journaling brings out extra elements to stories I want to tell. I seem to remember so much more as I’m writing. It’s a beautiful thing, it truly is!

Another reason I love to document my travels is for my family! They do not always get to travel with me so I try to expose them to the things I experience when I can with the hope to inspire them to travel one day. It’s also a great way to bring up conversations about life and travel.

Be friendly and polite but don’t overshare

Simple gestures like smiling and being warm are really nice! Everyone likes to feel as though those around them have positive mindsets. Consequently, I have seen a lot of tourists come to countries with a strange air of rudeness and entitlement. So this gentle reminder to smile is just that, a reminder. Sometimes we may not know the vibe we are giving off but others can sense it a mile away. And, if it’s a funky attitude you are sporting, you are not going to get much respect in return. Always think about it as if you are walking into someone’s house and you have to be on your best behavior! That’s how it should be when you are traveling somewhere new, especially for your first time.

Although smiling is a great key to positivity, watch out for what can follow: conversations that can lead to oversharing and giving all of your personal details! Just be mindful of what you share and how you do it. Again this may be something you were not aware of in your travel life, but it happens and can lead to people being unsafe in the end.

Always be situationally aware

When it comes to being situationally aware, you must always remember to be alert! Being alert is 50 percent of protection in dangerous situations. People are more likely to prey on someone who is vulnerable and not paying attention to his/her surroundings than to someone who is alert and ready for anything.

Just use common sense and stay safe! If you want me to write a post going to into more detail about Situational Awareness, let me know.

Be adventurous!

Last but not least, be adventurous! This doesn’t mean travel outside to the tallest place in the world and not tell anyone where you are headed… but leave your hotel room.

Don’t be too shy to get out into the world. Our first inclination while traveling is to stay in and enjoy the hotel and amenities. While there is nothing wrong with that, you have to also carve out some time to explore the sights, meet new people, and eat new food. 

Give yourself an assignment. Maybe try to find the best gelato shop in the neighborhood or visit all of the museums in one trip. That way, you don’t get bored or feel lonely because that can happen!

Now that you are ready to travel, go forth and explore this world! Good luck on your next adventure and I will see you back here soon!

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