25 Days of Christmas Free Digital Advent Calendar for Expats (2021)



As an expat, I have found holidays overseas hard to manage. I am very family-oriented, so not having the same family unit abroad during this season can send me into a state of homesickness and, honestly, depression. For the average person, this may sound dramatic, but I have now lived overseas for about five years, and I know what to expect from my personality. And I also know that I am not alone.


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    Many expats worldwide hold value in their past family traditions and their love for the holidays like I do. I think it’s even more evident for expats who move for work or the work of a loved one or spouse. As a Foreign Service spouse, this is my reality. Over the years, I have been in charge of bringing the holiday spirit to my small family abroad. I even helped the communities I worked with and worked for overseas by teaching them about American holidays, organizing events, and celebrating over the years. In doing this, I got a sense of joy and found a glimpse of seasonal purpose. And I know many expats who have had similar experiences.

    However, there can still be a void of sadness felt during this time due to the disconnect expats have with their families back home. Providing holiday cheer to the people I interact with abroad is nice, but I still feel disconnected from those celebrating in the States. So this year, I am sharing my 25 Days of Christmas Digital Advent Calendar (2021) for expats, friends, and family members. It will be a fun way for expats to have a list of holiday ideas they can use to seek out fun and adventure in their adoptive countries. I also think it will be fun to share similar holiday activities with family members back home.

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    There is no requirement for this calendar. Feel free to participate in all of the activities or follow along however you like! A calendar like this may prove to be challenging for expats, but that will be part of the fun! For example, if you cannot get a festive Starbucks drink in your adoptive country, what can you find that will still hit the mark (or at least graze the target)? Get creative and have fun!

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    25 Days of Christmas Free Digital Advent Calendar

    Feel free to share this post with expats in your community and your family and friends back home! If you do decide to participate, please let me know. The more, the merrier!

    Happy Holidays,

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