9 Essential Items For Your Move Abroad
9 Essential Items For Your Move Abroad

There are 9 essential items I highly recommend you bring with you if you are planning to move abroad.  If you can’t bring these items, make sure you buy them right when you arrive at your new destination. This is advice I wish I had before I stepped foot in Morocco (the first country I moved to). So, take this post as a way of me saying, “I am here for you and we are doing this together!” 

Privacy is Key

The first thing we will discuss is a VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network.  A VPN is great for secure banking or purchasing items from a website.  It’s a great way to ensure that your credit card information is a little bit more secure than it would be if you were using the local Wi-Fi or network service in the country you are in. 

Personally, I used my VPN for banking and watching American Netflix. When I need my American show fix, my VPN also comes in handy for watching American Netflix and Amazon Prime shows. 

In general, it’s nice to have the option to go back and forth between different countries with a VPN. My favorite VPN is set up by this brand.  I’ve used them for about 4 years now and I am happy with the service. 

Packing & Organization

When it comes to travel and organization, I recommend you check out these packing cubes. I’ve got a whole video all about the packaging cubes I like to use. I find that they are very useful especially if you are going to move abroad.  When you get to your new country you can then use them as a way to store your items and keep yourself organized. 

My Favorite Portable Weights

These Bowflex weights are fantastic!  I think they weigh about a hundred pounds for the set so if you have a weight limit for your shipment, you will want to factor the size of these weights in your decision. What I found is that during this time where COVID-19 has been the cause of places like gyms shutting down, we have all had to change our routines. Along with incorporating these Bowflex weights into my routine, I also workout with YouTube videos which works for me!

More Fitness Recommendations

Next, I recommend you pack/ship/buy a really nice yoga mat.  For me, I’m never sure about the type of flooring I will have where I’m about to move (pictures can sometimes be deceiving).  I also like to sit on the floor if there is no furniture right away. Doing this is more comfortable with additional padding. 

My bonus tip is to get some resistance bands. Resistance bands are so easy to travel with you because they are not heavy at all and they can fit right into your suitcase.  So, having resistance bands as well as a yoga mat that you will feel comfortable with working out on will be key. 

Clean & Hygienic

I’ve now mentioned my recommendation for you to get a bidet in a couple of videos.  Bidets definitely make you feel a little “fancier” but more importantly, they make you feel cleaner!  When you’re moving abroad hopefully the place you will be living at will have this piece of equipment in your restroom(s).  If not, you can purchase this one on Amazon

Fastest Speed

If you plan to move somewhere like India or Morocco, I highly recommend you get the fastest internet connection.  For me, fast internet has been worth every penny. Although, in my opinion, the services did not break the bank.  Getting the fastest internet speed allowed me to make YouTube videos, use streaming platforms, and much more.  I was also able to talk to my parents and family members using the internet so it came in handy for communication purposes.  Connecting with loved ones helped me prevent a lot of the homesickness that probably would have come up if I didn’t have good internet connections. 

Unlock Your Phone

When it comes to the 9 essential items I recommend for your move abroad, I have to say, please get a phone that has been unlocked.  You do not want to take a phone overseas that has been locked due to a phone service or your phone carrier.  The process is simple, you can pop out your SIM card wherever you are.  You don’t need to have the fanciest iPhone; just use what you have!  

Cozy Linens

Wherever you land needs to feel like home.  To do this, consider packing your favorite blanket. Doing this has been a really nice addition to our homes. You can also carry along a set of sheets which is really helpful. Even if you’re going to a place that is furnished, you still might want the scent of your own body or soap to make you comfortable.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later! 

Holiday Decor

Lastly, holiday decor may not seem like it would fit on the list of 9 essential items for your move abroad, but I highly recommend you consider this recommendation. These are things you’re not going to realize you’ll want until you get to where you’re going.  In my first year of living in Morocco, I couldn’t find a Christmas tree.  I looked everywhere!  So, what I did was make a Christmas tree out of paper and pasted it on my living room wall.  It was nice at the time but now I plan to think ahead to make sure I get what I need.

It’s understandable to know that Christmas is not everybody’s holiday.  It’s definitely more of a western tradition (although commercialized all over the world).  Bring whatever decorations and items you will want to help you celebrate your favorite holidays and events.  

Of course, once you get settled, try shopping in the local markets and stores. Most places around the world are going to have a lot of the things you will be looking for. However, finding these things may just take a little time. Bringing a few of your favorite and important things ahead of your arrival will make a world of difference for your transition. 

I hope this help! If you have any questions about moving abroad, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email.



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