25 Days of Christmas
25 Days of Christmas

It’s December 1st and I am excited to share my 25 Days of Christmas: Digital Advent Calendar! I want to help you celebrate the holidays all month long and do so with a community of friends and family too! Scroll to the bottom of this page to download your free 25 Days of Christmas: Digital Advent Calendar.

Looking for some holiday inspiration and ideas? Check out my 25 Days of Christmas Activity Board here.

How to use this calendar

For 25 days there is an activity for you to complete. You can do each task with your family or alone. I tried to make the activities family and single friendly while also taking into account the pandemic. Once you complete an activity for the day, you can cross it off.

For the 7 Days of Christmas Movies event, you are invited to join my family and me as we watch the movies from the below list (there will be a separate blog post to come later this week with more information).

Feel free to share your participation by tagging me on social media using @thejazzynation so I can see what you’re up to!

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  • Staying fit and healthy during this time is important. Check out my post about my favorite fitness items to see what will motivate you.

Celebrating during this tough year

I know this year has been tough but we must keep our spirits high to the best of our abilities. Personally, I have felt sadness due to the circumstances we are living in which has led me to not want to celebrate the holidays this year. But, this project has given me the motivation to keep going. Being positive during this time is important. I hope the activities from this calendar will give you life this season.

25 Days Of Christmas
25 Days Of Christmas

One of the many ways I lift my spirits when I am down is by supporting others. That is why there are many opportunities for you to do nice things for people in need this holiday season. People in need do not only refer to those looking for used items or canned goods. You can support people by buying from their businesses, baking cookies to give away, sharing a gift, calling a friend, and so much more. Doing things for others makes me happy and gives me purpose. I hope that resonates with you too.

I am grateful for you and I pray that we all have a good holiday season. Stay safe <3