Traveling During a Pandemic
Traveling During a Pandemic

My Feelings About Traveling During a Pandemic

Flying from India back to the USA was an adventure. For me, traveling during the pandemic has changed and my feelings about just hopping on a plane have changed a lot as well. It’s definitely not the same.

If you travel during the pandemic, I hope you take every precaution necessary during this unprecedented time. If you have travel-related questions, please leave a comment and I will answer them.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Let’s talk about the first flight.  It was stricter than we expected but I am happy we were kept safe.  We had to wear a face mask and a face shield for the whole flight unless we were eating or drinking.  Yes, even while sleeping, they asked that we keep all of our PPE on to the best of our ability.  Safe to say, sleeping during our 12-hour flight with PPE on was not the most comfortable. 

Meal Services & Flight Experiences

Snacks were given on both flights which was a nice surprise. We were also given one hot prepared meal as well as a sandwich option. The service was very similar to regular international flights.

On the second flight, the airline required passengers to wear face masks (not face shields) throughout the whole 9-hour flight.  I would say this flight was definitely a lot less strict and a lot less crowded.  Luckily on both flights, we were not seated next to anyone we did not know.  On the second flight, however, we could have had one row to ourselves if we wanted to. The plane was huge and there weren’t very many passengers on board which was a bit eerie but nice for comfort.

Although the trip was very long, it was worth the time and effort.  I am so thankful to our essential workers.  I am grateful to those of you working to transport passengers during such a tough time.

Overall I felt like the process was safe and efficient.  That’s all I could have asked for during this time.  I am grateful to have made it home safe and warm.  To those of you traveling during this time, stay safe, and be kind to one another.  We all know the world and its people could use all the grace that can be given this year. 


Just in time for the holidays!

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