What Traffic In India Is Really Like From The Perspective Of A Foreigner

[VIDEO] What Traffic In India Is Really Like From The Perspective Of A Foreigner | Driving, Getting Sick, Tuk Tuks, And More!


People ask me about traffic in India ALL the time, so I figured I would share my opinions about it today from the perspective of a Black American expat. I got so sick when I rode around in cars in India due to motion sickness intensified by the style of driving you to see in India. The potential idea of getting sick is not fun to think about if you plan to move to a new place like India. Although I did not drive, I wish I did because doing so would have helped with my motion sickness. However, driving as a foreigner can also be worrisome for new expats.

Today’s video discusses traffic in India, from driving assumptions and sickness to my love for TukTuks and more. Leave your opinion about traffic in India in the comment section! I’d love to read your perspective. You can also tell me where you’ve seen the worst traffic globally because I’ve heard India may not have the worst traffic as most people assume.

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↳ 0:00 Start here
↳ 0:18 Skip the intro
↳ 0:26 Let’s talk about my commute to work in Hyderabad
↳ 02:25 Traffic in Hyderabad compared to other Indian cities
↳ 02:50 The culture of driving in India
↳ 03:23 Frequent starts and stops
↳ 03:45 Why I rode in tuk-tuks and the metro
↳ 05:15 My traffic horror story (storytime)
↳ 08:46 Is it safe to drive in India as a foreigner?
↳ 10:01 Leave your questions in the comment sections!

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