My First Business Class Experience
My First Business Class Experience

I am excited to share the experience I had traveling in business class for the first time. My husband and I went to the U.S. from India back in December in business class seating. We were very grateful for the experience!

My First Impression

The seating in the business class area was nice and very spacious. The airplane was designed to give business class passengers their own pod-like sections for comfort and privacy. Usually, when I fly, I breeze past the luxury seating and make my way to coach without thinking twice. But this time, I was excited to sit in a different section of the plane in such elevated seating.

Imposter Syndrome

I had a bit of imposter syndrome when I first got to my seat, to be honest. I initially did not feel like I belonged because I did not see anyone else that looked like my husband and me. But after a while, I got comfortable and began to enjoy my time.

Traveling with My Husband

I am grateful because I shared this business class flight experience with my husband, Gozie. We had so much fun trying to figure out how things worked in our seating areas. You definitely have to check out the video to see what I mean.

Business Class Food

Can we talk about food? I enjoy plane food on international flights; I think it’s pretty good. However, the food that is served to business class passengers on airplanes takes the experience to the next level. Eating airplane food using real plates, cutlery, and napkins was a foreign concept to me. I definitely felt spoiled.

Equitable Travel for All

Traveling in business class seating and higher should be an experience all people should do at least once in their lives. I wish experiences like this were more accessible and equitable to all. But sadly, they are not. I hope that through me sharing this experience, you become inspired to dream and see yourself in positions that elevate your life and make you feel special. That is what this trip did for me and I cannot wait to have more experiences like this one.