October 25th – October 31st

Today starts 7 Days of scary for 2020! I am excited to share this tradition with you and your families. The first time I shared this event publicly was in 2018. We watched a bunch of really amazing movies that definitely brought out the fear.

To be honest, I am not really into scary movies; I much prefer thrillers. But, in an effort to compromise with my husband, Gozie, I had to throw a couple of horror movies into the mix.

The movies can be found in Hotstar (an Indian streaming service), Netflix, and Amazon Prime. If you do not have access to the above platforms, you can add a movie to this list that you can find or prefer to watch. Download the template

???? October 25th: The Sixth Sense (Hotstar)
???? October 26th: Hubie Halloween (Netflix)
???? October 27th: Gone (Netflix)
???? October 28th: Crawl (Amazon Prime)
???? October 29th: Breaking In (Netflix)
???? October 30th: The Meg (Netflix)
???? October 31st: Halloween (YouTube)