If you’ve been following me for some time, you already know that I love a good morning routine.

I did not cultivate morning habits until I moved abroad, but I wish I did not wait so long. As I became more in tune with who I was, I realized that I needed to put some habits into place to help keep me more grounded, organized, happy, and whole.

A benefit of my morning routine is that it allows me to get more done in my day. The biggest excuse for not accomplishing our goals, especially mental health and wellness related, is, “I don’t have time.” For most of my adult life, this was my excuse too! I would wake up, and the first thing that would consume my mind would be working or social media. Now, I try to wake up an hour earlier than I used to, and that works for me!

And please believe, it’s not perfect, or the same every morning, but it’s something! I am happy if I can accomplish at least one or two things from my morning list, and completing the whole routine brings me so much joy! However, if I can’t get through everything, I allow myself grace to take breaks throughout the day to complete any remaining health and wellness tasks that I didn’t do in the morning.

A client recently told me that she is excited to move abroad because she will finally get to create her ideal morning routine. Of course, that is a beautiful thing, but if you have a similar mindset, I want to challenge you not to wait! You can cultivate a morning routine that fits your lifestyle wherever you are! And as you transition through different life seasons, don’t be afraid to adjust and switch things up!

Clearly, I could talk about morning routines for hours, but I will stop here and pick up the discussion in a future post.

Feel free to reply to this email and let me know your ideal morning routine. Also, through your responses, I’d love to learn what other habits I can add to my morning routine.

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