Spend a few days with me as I get ready to move abroad again! I am back in the Washington DC area doing some final tasks to get myself and my husband ready to move abroad. In today’s video I share how I am still learning (more like cramming) Spanish, making last-minute purchases, and packing up our apartment for the movers to take our things away! I have to admit, I was feeling pretty sick in this video so my apologies for how many times I mentioned how I feel. Are you excited for me to announce our next country? Don’t worry, I will be sharing very soon!

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↳ 0:00 Start Here
↳ 0:13 Skip the Intro
↳ 0:23 Prepping for Spanish class
↳ 2:15 Spanish class
↳ 2:50 Ulta haul and moving conversation
↳ 6:08 A quick dinner
↳ 7:15 Pack out day

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