Our Incredible Discovery at the Edge of an Ecuadorian Trail

Our Incredible Discovery at the Edge of an Ecuadorian Trail


Are you looking for something to do on a beautiful day in Quito, Ecuador? Do you want to get some fresh air and enjoy some fantastic views in one afternoon? Well, I’ve got you covered! In today’s post, I am sharing things I learned during my visit to Ruta Ecológica el Chaquiña, Quito, Ecuador as an expat, mother, and friend. I’ll also give you more information about the trail and talk about the hidden gem we found during our adventure.

Ecuador is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and unique trails. Ruta Ecológica el Chaquiña is just one example of the many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re an expat, a local, or just passing through, this trail is a must-see.

But I have to be honest with you. Despite knowing all these things about Ecuador and doing prior research on our destination, I was apprehensive about going out and doing something different, especially with my baby. At the time, I had just mastered his sleep schedule, and I was so tied to his routine that I did not want to mess it up by going on an adventure with no real time limit. I get in my head a lot when it comes to doing things, especially nowadays as a mom.

And the thoughts and feelings I sometimes have can prevent me from growing, which can prevent my son from growing and getting the most out of life. I asked my friend Renata to join me on this excursion because I knew that would keep me accountable, and we would have to leave the house. And I am so glad I did this because we had the best time! We walked the trail on one of Quito’s most beautiful days in a long time.

Renata is a photographer, so she snapped some fantastic photos and videos while I also captured videos of our surroundings. After conversing, laughing, and taking in the fresh air for another 30 minutes, we stumbled upon this beautiful teal building that felt like it was right on the edge of the park, leading us to another adventure.

Los Padmitos is a vegan and vegetarian cafe that has fantastic food. As we sat down for lunch, we were greeted with a spectacular view of the surrounding area. It was the perfect spot to refuel and enjoy the natural beauty around us. Then we took some time to explore the antique shop attached to this cafe. The concept of having a restaurant and antique shop for an establishment was new and very unique. I loved every bit of the experience.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique trail to explore in Ecuador, Ruta Ecológica el Chaquiña is a must-see. What I learned is despite initial apprehension, taking the time to get out and try something new can be an enriching experience. Also, don’t be afraid to invite a friend to keep you accountable and make the adventure even more fun!

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