A Brutal Attack

Let’s discuss the attack that happened to an American woman at a Carribean Resort. Tammy Lawrence-Daley shared her story on Facebook a few days ago. She talked about how she was brutally attacked by an alleged hotel employee from the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana. She went to get a late night snack in her hotel and was soon after attacked and left for dead.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley before and after the attack in the Dominican Republic

I think there has to be an overall conversation about travel safety because there have been so many stories recently about dangerous things happening to tourists when they travel abroad.

In Recent News

Even today, I saw another report stating that three American tourists have died so far this year in the Dominican Republic. All of these deaths occurred at the same resort: Bahia Principal La Romana. The same prognosis has been given to the deceased, pulmonary edema.

To me, there seems to be a lot to unpack from the incidences mentioned above. Lawerence-Daley’s story is very unfortunate because she was living her life as most do on vacation. I mean, I myself often retreat to nearby vending machines at night when I stay at hotels because I randomly get hungry. But after hearing Tammy’s story, I am now considering doing so many things differently for my next trip.

And as far as those that ‘suddenly’ died from the same cause, I get a really uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about those stories. They are too familiar and something else had to happen.

My Thoughts

These stories make me think of the need for more conversations about safety while traveling, especially for women. As an expat who has now lived in two countries abroad, I have always been proud of myself and the work that I’ve done to maintain my security while traveling and moving throughout my adoptive countries. However, after hearing about Tammy’s story and reading her words posted on Facebook, I began to realize how easily her situation could be mine or anyone else’s. It’s easy to go on vacation and drop your guard, especially when you feel like you are in paradise and untouchable.

My Husband’s Take

My husband recently told me he needs us to be more careful when we are out and about, especially me when I am alone. He wasn’t saying I shouldn’t go out and feel independent, he was expressing that I need to add more layers of protection and really focus on my surroundings so that I am more prepared for whatever could happen. I think his request sounds like a reasonable one and I plan on implementing more of that when I go out. Whether it be for a simple grocery store run or a full-fledged solo trip, I really need to be more careful.

A man kisses a woman's forward head on a bridge.

Something my husband and I like to do is ask each other if we have our S.A. on. Meaning, are we ‘Situationally Aware’. Aware of all of our surroundings, from the people near and far, the status of a building or the landscape, to what our food looks like when it’s served to us. There are many ways to be situationally aware and those things I mentioned are just a few.

Don’t Let This Stop You

I really feel for those that have a desire to travel but are now afraid because the thought of something dangerous happening is crippling. I am here to tell you that despite all the negative things that have happened in the world of travel, there have also been a lot of good things and great role models that should help encourage you to get out there and live your best life.

A letter board that says "Travel is good for the soul". It's neatly placed next a mug, passport, photo, and camera.

My Advice

Add those extra layers of protection when you are traveling, out and about somewhere new, or even in your own home town. Bad things happen everywhere and we as people really need to take precautions now so the outcome of whatever happens will empower you to feel safe and more protected.

If you have any questions or want me to make a dedicated post on how to be safe while traveling, let me know! Leave a comment telling me what your thoughts are on these stories and how you practice safety while traveling.

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