7 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge


I have begun a challenge to eat clean and exercise every day this week. Even though I workout just about every day, I don’t always eat the best foods which have limited the results I have wanted from my workouts. I know that having a healthy diet, along with working out and being active is essential to living a long healthy life. If you want to join me on this challenge, it’s not too late to start, maybe even after a week, we can continue eating clean on a regular basis!

Eating Clean

Eat ONLY Whole Foods

Ex: oats, blueberries, etc. If food is packaged it must have REAL ingredients (from scratch) or be organic. Ask yourself questions like “can I make this myself?” “Where are the ingredients from, are they familiar to me?”

Simple Meals

Complex Carbohydrates, Lean Protein,  and Healthy Fats.

Fruit and vegetables - Better Health Channel
Clean Eating and Exercise

Complex carbs: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, starches, and more.

Lean Protein: Chicken breast, fish/seafood, egg whites, beans, yogurt, dairy, and protein powder.

Healthy Fats: olive oil, peanut butter, nuts, and more.

Eat on a Regular Schedule

No more than 4 hours should pass between meals and snacks. Eating regularly will help regulate your digestive system, blood sugar, insulin levels as well as appetite.


Choose the Exercise Plan that Works for YOU.

My plan for this week is going to be: 30 minutes or more of cardio with some form of abdominal or strength workout incorporated in every day this week.

For the past few weeks, I have been doing HIIT workouts which have been challenging but rewarding at the same time. Keep in mind that you do not need a gym membership to sweat like a pig and tone up, all you need is space and weighted objects like dumbbells or even water bottles. Choose exercise programs like Fitness Blender’s HIIT, abdominal, and or strength training workouts. Here is one of my favorite at-home workouts:

Helpful Hints

1. Drink Water! You can even drink lemon water for extra health benefits.

2. Think positively, doing so will keep you motivated and excited to complete your challenge.

3. Write down what you eat so that you can keep track of your plan which will help you stay focused.

4. Overall, have fun! Enjoying the challenge and its future health benefits should give you satisfaction.

5. Don’t give up! Eating Clean is hard, but it is possible and necessary for a healthy clean life.

Good Luck!


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