8 Fitness Items I LOVE- My Fitness Favorites

Fitness has become a big part of my life more than ever before. What I've come to realize is that for me, working out is less about vanity. I now enjoy (which was hard to say a year ago) working out because it makes me happy, I feel accomplished, and strong. Because of the pandemic, I mostly workout at home with a few simple tools that push me to the next level. In this post, I share 8 fitness items that help me stay motivated and fit.

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The Cultural Disconnect of a Food Junkie

Like most people, I indulged a little more than I should have during the holiday season and I am paying for it with extra workouts and a clean diet. I am an advocate for healthy eating and I do believe that a person’s health problems greatly correlate with what they eat. Most people may attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle, especially during the New Year, but the choices for a better well-being over indulging in pleasure from food and beverages, are not as consistent as they should be. Such an inconsistency allows for people to…

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Clean Eating and Exercise

7 Day Clean Eating and Exercise Challenge

I have begun a challenge to eat clean and exercise every day this week. Even though I workout just about every day, I don’t always eat the best foods which have limited the results I have wanted from my workouts. I know that having a healthy diet, along with working out and being active is essential to living a long healthy life. If you want to join me on this challenge, it’s not too late to start, maybe even after a week, we can continue eating clean on a regular basis! Eating Clean Eat ONLY…